About Top Organics

Top Organics products are organic fertilisers of excellent quality that improve fertility, soil structure and soil moisture management by means of natural processes. Because Top Organics products are effective over a long period of time, this makes it possible to control the demand for nutrients supplied to both the soil and plants. An important factor in this is the presence of organic matter, and so are the NPK values.

Organic processes are used to bring all the manure to a temperature of 70 °C before being exported. The major advantage this provides is the complete elimination of all weed seeds, pathogens and bacteria. Organic fertilisers are not only effective over a long period of time but are also both environmentally responsible and safe for plants.

High quality fertilisers

The products are supplied in both pellet and solid versions and include chicken, cattle and pooled pig manures, digestate and spent mushroom compost. Top Organics is a subsidiary of Aarnink en Ooms, a company specialised in producing various products for improving soil life.