Top Organics Spent Mushroom Compost

Spent Mushroom Compost is the end product of mushroom cultivation. The raw materials used to produce mushroom casing soil are horse manure, chicken manure, straw, limestone, peat and spent lime. These raw materials have been processed for 12 weeks to become thoroughly composted and homogeneous. Applying spent mushroom compost adds a substantial amount of organic material to the soil. This material benefits soil structure and absorbs minerals such as ammonium, calcium and magnesium.  Spent mushroom compost is a relatively inexpensive soil improver that is easy to work into the soil. This makes it perfect for use in agriculture, horticulture and garden landscaping.


Average composition: kg/ton


Dry matter 32 %
Organic matter 22 %
Nitrogen (N) 6.7 kg
Phosphate (P205) 3.6 kg
Potassium (K20) 7.3 kg
Magnesium (MgO) 2.5 kg
Calcium (CaO) 45 kg